‒You want to further enhance your possibilities.
‒You want to prevent injury.
‒You want to prevent reoccurring injuries.
‒You want to increase speed of technique mastery.
‒Your actual movements compared to the image you have doesn’t match.
‒Your physical fitness results are high, but are unable to get results during matches.
‒You need work on ability to simultaneously produce combinations of balance/speed and speed/power.


Can be done anywhere.
Our Base Training Program is created to improve body-control using own weight.
As we place high importance on the number of times you are able to do the exercises throughout the day, most all on the menu can be done in small spaces.
The brain-body connection is profound. In order to train and change the brain, exercise frequency is an important factor.
We’ve focused on creating a program for body-control training that can be done on the road to games, during vacation, or just from home with no need for special space or equipment.


Because this training focuses on groundwork, each menu leads to improving body control for a variety of sports.
Mechanisms of our body structure to produce greater power or move rapidly are common among all sports.
At JARTA, we’ve positioned these as “high-performance commonalities,” and place most importance on them as the foundation of athleteperformance improvement.
For efficient improvement and strengthening of these commonalities, exercises proven to create most impact within our line-up have been carefully selected into our programs.


High-performance levels can’t be achieved with use of either max power or relaxation alone.
Mastering and combining max power and relaxation is essential for body control.
Choice and timing of max power and relaxation use during ever-changing situations of movement is important.
JARTA’s Base Training Program is designed for these abilities to naturally improve.


“Abreast ability,” means the ability to produce multiple factors simultaneously, and brain function has a profound involvement in this.
In order to improve brain function, frequency is an extremely important factor.
Therefore, this entire program including the stretches requires simultaneous performance of several factors.


You’ll continually discover room to improve performance.
Increases principle power, which is the base structure of performance.
Principle power decides your performance’s upper limit, in other words, your room to improve.
This means you’ll constantly discover challenges to improve your performance.
Top professional athletes who continue to flourish all have this ability.


By improving body control through our base training, not only will your overall performance improve, but you’ll also experience less injury.
Most injuries occur when load is concentrated in one area, such as your knees.
By dispersing the load to the entire body, you’ll be able to prevent injury.
Dispersing load to the entire body and using power of the entire body basically mean the same thing.
In other words, an approach to prevent injury and training to improve performance can be achieved simultaneously.


In order to use the typified “0 to 100 speed” at start of movement in a match, your ability to drop speed from “100 to 0” must be high as well.
If your “slow-down” speed is delayed after you’ve powered up, that means your speed to shift to power up again becomes delayed as well.
This ability is what’s behind explosive footwork others are unable to follow.
Increasing your speed to relax the body also leads to injury prevention.
With JARTA’s Base Training, your ability to increase body relaxation speed will improve.


With performance, the percentage of improvement increases significantly if you can move exactly the way you imagine.
If you’ve ever checked your movements in a video and thought “it’s totally not the image I had,” then that difference can be resolved with bodycontrol training.
With JARTA’s Base Training you’ll become conscious of every minute detail within your body, leading to movement of body parts you’ve never moved before.
Also, we know that learning speed differs with everyone, and this is due to differences in body-control ability.
By improving body-control ability, you’ll find that the time it takes to master a technique will begin shortening over time.


*For users training with JARTA for the first time, we recommend starting from Level 1 regardless of what level sport you are playing.


18 exercises, each with slow-mo version and a run-through of entire menu at video end.

TARGET: General User
This program focuses on improving your senses for shoulder blade, spine, and hip-joint movement.
At the same time, you’ll be activating certain body areas for better muscle function, which all top athletes use very well. The exercises may all seem very plain and simple.
However, athletes having long active careers without injury are the ones who place intensive focus on these plain, simple and subtle exercises.
This program awakens the senses to feel the inner most areas of the body, training your ability to feel every minute movement you make.


17 exercises, each with slow-mo version and a run-through of entire menu at video end.

TARGET: University and amateur-level athletes
This program requires a high level of simultaneous flexibility, power, and balance.
It also includes RSSC body-control training for reflexes.
Reflex related body-control is a high-speed, high-power producing mechanism top athletes always use.
It improves the ability to reproduce movement, and is extremely effective for athletes struggling with control.


17 exercises, each with slow-mo version and a run-through of entire menu at video end.

TARGET: Professional athletes and pro-aspiring athletes
This program is based on pro-level athletes to further strengthen body control.
The exercises will include higher loads with more complex movements and speed.
Focuses on pumping up abreast ability required for pro-level athletes.
Breathing techniques for higher performance is also included.
When you reach a point where this program can be done with ease and without fatigue, it means you’ve reached a significantly high level of body-control.

LEVEL1 + LEVEL 2 (Package)  USD340


LEVEL 2 + LEVEL 3 (Package)  USD490


LEVEL 1 + LEVEL 2 + LEVEL 3 (Package)  USD600


◎PAYMENT METHOD: Credit Card ( VISA, Master, Amex, JCB, DinersClub, DISCOVER)
◎PROGRAM ACCESS DELIVERY DATE : Upon payment confirmation which takes approx. 2-4 business days (open weekdays only, and closed Sat/Sun & Japanese holidays).
◎VIDEO DOWNLOAD TIME: Limit is within 24hrs after you receive the file link (not within 24hrs you click the link).
◎FORMAT: Videos are provided in download format. Please make sure you have enough memory space in your PC.
◎NO REFUND POLICY: Once paid for, the Online JARTA Training Programs are non-refundable
Exercise at your own risk. JARTA will not be responsible for any injury, damage or claim of any description whatsoever.


・Copyrights of ALL training videos provided belong to JARTA international Co., Ltd.
・Video download is permitted only by the person purchasing this training program, and the number of downloads allowed is limited to ONE time.
The following actions are prohibited with the downloaded videos;
a) Releasing/transferring, reselling to a third party other than persons who have purchased the videos.
b) Profit-oriented secondary use.
c) Other actions which violate the provisions stated above.
If any of the provisions stated above cannot be followed, all damages incurred by JARTA international Co., Ltd shall be compensated by the customer purchasing the videos.



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