JARTA is a private organization of sports trainers providing athletes with rehabilitation and injury prevention skills, as well as training to up their skills and game based on Eastern medicine and Eastern studies of body perspective, cognition, and recognition. Special focus is also placed on using martial arts concepts. We apply these concepts to our sports training theories, offering “a unique Japanese training style” to athletes and sports teams.

Business Description

・Fosters and trains certified trainers
・Supports training by certified trainers
・Provides training
・Organizes study tours to Italy for trainers

Our Philosophy

To support all participants of any sports activity suffering from injuries and/or poor performance, as well as to support coaches and trainers through our conditioning and training programs.

Our Vision

To nurture athletes to improve and increase their athletic abilities to reach internationally competitive levels.
To globally expand JARTA’s training theory, making our concepts of “body quality,” “quality of movement,” and “quality of training” world standards originating from Japan.

Our Achievements

Training contracts* with professional athletes on Japan’s national teams, as well as Japanese and international professional sports teams.

*Includes contracts not made public.