About JARTA’s training

ABOUT JARTA’s Training Theory

Qualitative and quantitative changes in training

One of JARTA’s unique characteristics is its training theory. Not only do we focus on “training quantity” seen in various forms of muscular training with the majority of today’s sports training programs, but we also place great importance on “training quality” of physical functions and movement. With comprehensive and integrated training programs satisfying all elements essential to sports, JARTA’s training program will greatly improve athletic performance.
In particular, we’d like to emphasize the fact that the foundation of our training theory is based on martial arts. We find that especially in the areas of balance, power, intention of movement, and contact, martial arts is far superior when compared to other sports.
Being Japanese in origin, martial arts has been passed down through many generations. We believe that applying this concept unique to Japan to reach a much higher level of performance will be an extremely effective way to assist all athletes and sports teams.