About JARTA’s training

ABOUT JARTA’s Training Theory

Qualitative and quantitative changes in training

One one JARTA’s major characteristics is its training theory. We have focused not only on “quantity”, as represented by the various forms of muscle training that comprise the majority of today’s sports training programs, but also on “the quality of physical functioning and movement.” Under the concept of integrated training, JARTA offers comprehensive and integrated training programs satisfying all elements essential to a particular sport so as to improve the performance of each athlete.

Of particular note is our grounding in a progress theory based on martial arts, which is far superior to other sports-driven theories, especially in the areas of balance, power, intention of movement, and contact.
This theory is of Japanese origin and has been passed down over many generations. We believe that applying this theory unique to Japan to improve performance can be an extremely effective way of helping athletes and sports teams achieve higher-level performances.